The independent medical examination (IME), along with the deposition are generally the two most crucial events in an injury case.  Unfortunately, attorneys spend far too little time preparing their clients for this event that may cause their client to win or lose their case.  In the very least, you want to minimize the damage that an IME can do to your case.  Certainly, one of the main reasons that attorneys do not, and cannot prepare their clients for the IME is that the attorney does not possess the medical knowledge to prepare the client properly.  Additionally, attorneys are unfortunately often too overwhelmed with tasks that have looming deadlines.  Thanks to IME Preparation, Inc.’s DVD collection and direct shipping, this is no longer a problem.

IME Preparation Inc. offers three instructional DVDs.  Board Certified and Fellowship Trained Orthopedic Surgeons take you through an IME clinical examination instructing your client on what each part of the examination is supposed to elicit from your client, and what the physician learns from the response.  Further, the physician will instruct your client on some of the tricks that IME examiners use to elicit responses that allow them to opine that your client is engaging in the dreaded secondary gain symptom amplification and/or malingering.  You can hopefully eliminate the words often used for dreaded positive Waddells signs from the IME report.  If nothing else, preparing your client with this thorough instructive material will ensure that the ammunition the IME examiner has to use against your client will be limited.

Along with the medical instruction provided in the DVD, there is also a component that helps prepare the client for the legal issues associated with the examination.  More specifically, your client will be prepared with knowledge on helpful tips for the examination such as: how to behave with the physician, make sure that they provide a thorough and detailed history that is consistent with their prior medical records, written or recorded statements and deposition testimony, discuss the injury’s impact on any pre-existing condition, arriving early, dressing appropriately, bringing a 3rd party with them to witness the examination, taking notes to provide to you after the examination that includes the amount of time that the physician spends with the client and the portions of the clinical exam that the physician utilized, being aware that surveillance video and medical records have likely been provided to the physician and make sure that your client is aware that they must bring diagnostic films to the examination.

This collection is a must for any law practice and will revolutionize your practice.  An attorney’s only two commodities are their knowledge and their time.  Through the IME Preparation instructional DVD collection, you can gain more of both at an extremely low cost relative to what you can gain.  This is especially true given the costs of litigation in obtaining medical records, depositions, IME’s, experts and investigative materials..  Since these costs often run into the thousands, it would be senseless not incur one minor cost that may be the difference in gaining thousands or more for you and your client.

Your clients will hopefully enjoy better results from their IME’s, along with ideally eliminating and/or limiting the damage that often comes from the defense IME.  Your clients will be prepared, and will certainly be grateful.  In addition, with your time being worth hundreds of dollars per hour you will free additional time to spend working on other components of the case.  Further, you certainly do not want your client hearing from others how their attorney prepared them for their IME when you failed to implement a cheap and easy solution.

On behalf of IME Preparation, Inc., we welcome you to revolutionize your practice with a tool that will greatly improve your case results and create additional time for you to spend settling cases or preparing for trial.  We hope you join us in taking away a key component of the defense’s arsenal against your client.  Good luck and start achieving results today by following the link to place your order.

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